The Stillpoint Advanced Clinical Intensive

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Hands-on Case Studies
Essential Oils & Extracts Studied
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NCBTMB-approved CEU Credits
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2018 Fall Session

Saturday – Sunday, October 20th – 28th

2019 Fall Session

Saturday – Sunday, October 19th – 27th

2020 Fall Session

Saturday – Sunday, October 17th – 25th

Unearth the true healing power of essential oils through advanced understanding of plant and human chemistry.


Certified or Clinical Aromatherapy Certification or Registered Aromatherapist 


  • Mandatory attendance for class entire schedule
  • Completion of 12 case studies
  • At-home clinical work with 10 clients
  • One research article on either an essential oil profile or component profile
  • Anatomy and physiology test (open-book)  

What is the Stillpoint Advanced Clinical Intensive?

In this nine-day 165 hour intensive program, aroma chemistry is taken to a profound level as we study the properties and structures of individual components, as well as the botany, therapeutic uses, energetics and chemistry of over 115 essential oils, absolutes and Co2 extracts. Through the exploration of chemistry, botany and vibrational aromatherapy, your work with essential oils can become more medicinal through safe and effective applications.

This class is an extension of our previous Aroma Mastery Program, with additional content and coverage of Aromatherapy topics.

We will take breaks for nature walks in the fabulous Sedona outdoors. And our famous snack table and breakfast are always included!

Who is this workshop for?

The Stillpoint Advanced Clinical Intensive is for certified or previously certified Clinical and Registered Aromatherapists who wish to use aromatherapy and essential oils in more medicinal applications and seek knowledge on safe and correct formulation and blending techniques.

Allopathic medical professionals, massage and physical therapists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists that are also certified aromatherapists who wish to integrate essential oils and aromatherapy as a complementary modality to their practice will also benefit from this course.

Anyone who has completed a 200 Aromatherapy Certification Program in person or online who desires to be able to use aromatherapy medicinally for self or family.

If you have taken Stillpoint’s Aromatherapy Certification this will complete the necessary hours to receive your Advanced Practitioner Certification (formally know as Clinical Certification).

What Does the Stillpoint Advanced Clinical Intensive Consist of?

The practice of using essential oils and other aspects of aromatherapy is no longer only making sprays, candles, and blends. While those applications are wonderful and quite powerful in themselves, many want to use essential oils and hydrosols in more health and well-being applications. Essential oils are a powerful complement to conventional treatments, sometimes even more effective than traditional medicinal techniques and treatments. This trend in aromatherapy is known as “Aromatic Medicine” or the “French School of Aromatherapy.” We believe using essential oils and extracts in this manner is a synergy of all the “Schools of thought on aromatherapy.”

This level of formulating and blending for physical and emotional  healing requires intense training, a deep working knowledge of chemical families, human body systems, and botanical properties. In this hands-on, intensive workshop, you will learn the therapeutic properties of over 60 individual chemical components, both from documented and anecdotal research and how they synergistically interact with each other. This course delves deep into the healing powers of certain plants, the physiological systems within the human body and how they respond to the chemical components of essential oils, and the safe and correct way to administer essential oils as treatments.

Topics of Study

  • Medicinal Application of Essential Oils, Absolutes and Co2 extracts
  • Applications of essential oils for physical and emotional pathologies
  • Flower, plant essences, and herbal applications as compliments to aromatherapy
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacology
  • Organic chemistry, chemical families and properties
  • Genus, species and chemotypes
  • Advanced botany and plant kingdom classification
  • Energetic applications
  • Formulation safety and accuracy
  • Contraindications with allopathic drugs
  • Appropriate modes of application and dosage
  • Medicinal usage of hydrosols
  • Carrier oils in medicinal applications
  • Safety, toxicity, and contraindications
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • The importance of olfaction
  • Advanced applied kinesiology
  • Body systems and corresponding pathologies
  • Applications of the doctrine of signatures/morphology
  • Research techniques
  • Documentation when writing for professional journals
  • Consultation skills

Course Materials Included With Tuition

  • Custom manual
  • Over 400 organic or wild-crafted high quality essential oils to “play with”
  • Access to over 20 carrier oils
  • Access to over 70 hydrosols
  • Full data sheet profiles on the essential oils presented
  • An extensive list of quality products, resources, organizations and journals
  • Access to Stillpoint Studies online group for continued support, sharing and collaboration
  • Discounts on additional materials and kits from Stillpoint Aromatics

Bonus Materials Included With Tuition

Create and take home over $700 worth of natural and organic products intended for medicinal aromatherapy use.  

  • Essential oil inhalers
  • Stock blends for various diffusion methods
  • Essential oil blends
  • Bath salts
  • Herbal infusion oils
  • Hydrosols sprays, blends and various application methods
  • Room sprays
  • Lip balms and chapsticks
  • Chest rubs
  • Healing salves
  • Medicinal lotions
  • Essential oil compresses
  • Suppositories
  • Cough drops and syrups
  • Travel and first aid kits
  • Flower essences
  • Steam blends
  • Ongoing support from Joy and Cindy

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit will be refunded or can be transferred to a future date if we cancel the class. Your deposit can be transferred to future date if you cancel up to 10 days BEFORE the course. Within 10 days of the course start date, deposits cannot be transferred or refunded.


50 credits


Cynthia Brownley MS, LMT, CCA
Joy Musacchio MA, LMT, CCA


Stillpoint Studies
70 Dry Creek Road
Sedona, AZ 86336


Payment plans available


Non-refundable, applied toward tuition

Classroom Hours

Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm

2018 Fall Session

Saturday – Sunday, October 20th – 28th

2019 Fall Session

Saturday – Sunday, October 19th – 27th

2020 Fall Session

Saturday – Sunday, October 17th – 25th