Certification Course in Vibrational Aromatic Medicine

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Course Dates

2018 Schedule: September 10th – September 16th

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Sunday

2019 Schedule: September 9th – September 15th

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Sunday

  • Where Metaphysics and Energy Meet Science and Chemistry.
  • Open your life to profound healing.
  • Develop a powerful mind-body connection.
  • Delve deep in the vibrations of psyche.


This is a unique, one of a kind course that will challenge and expand your thinking, usage and application of essential oils and extracts. You must have at least 200 hours of training and/or knowledge of the basic chemistry of essential oils. Before your enrollment is finalized, you must complete a brief pre-requisite phone interview with the instructors. We’ll email you to schedule this quick chat when we receive payment.


Payment in full for this program is required by the last day of the program. Certificate will be given when all the requirements are fulfilled. Requirements are as follows: Pass the midterm and final with a grade of 70 or above, complete 10 case studies, submit a 10-12 page research paper and 10 hours of application of and documentation of vibrational aromatic medicine. After all requirements are met, certificate will be issued.

What is the Certification Course in Vibrational Aromatic Medicine?

Law of Vibration – States that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in its purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern.

Deepen your understanding of essential oil and aromatherapy applications to address the core issues and patterns that we hold in our psyche and cells that are detrimental to our way of being. This class delves way beyond just looking at the chemical components and the therapeutic benefits. It is the connection between the chemistry and the energy. Students develop meaningful ways to apply essential oils and extracts to address energetic and vibrational healing.

Tapping into our innate knowledge and information, students discover the ties between vibrations (thought patterns, behaviors) and physical manifestations (disease.) It is a truly revolutionary method of combining knowledge of essential oil chemistry with a deeper understanding of holistic healing. Discover the subtle energy of the chemical families and chemical components. This is truly a new and powerful way to approach the use of essential oils and aromatherapy.

What does the Certification Course in Vibrational Aromatic Medicine consist of?

Enjoy hands-on blending, transformative lectures, meaningful discussions, awesome multimedia presentations, opportunities for individual growth and to take part in synergistic group studies. Learn how to read the subtle energies and to tap into the emotional body of your clients and yourself.  

We believe that learning should not only be fun but also mind and energetically expansive. We invite students to approach Aromatherapy from a place of passion and authenticity. This class in particular gives students the opportunity to self-examine and develop strategies to not only help others, via the emotional and spiritual bodies but to also experience profound personal healing. Though rigorous, this curriculum offers a peaceful, nurturing atmosphere and space for self-reflection. This is a journey that you will not forget. It is our promise to you that you will experience a wonderful transformation.

Who is the Certification Course in Vibrational Aromatic Medicine for?

This class is well suited for anyone who wants to learn more about essential oils and extracts. We consider this an advanced class as previous knowledge of the basic chemistry of essential oils is required. With this knowledge we are able to delve deeply into the correlation between energy and chemistry. This vibrational and energetic component is a core approach that is unique to Stillpoint Studies.

Perhaps you already feel a connection between the mind and body. Perhaps you are looking to deepen it. Or perhaps you struggle with making this connection and seek ways to heal and inspire healing using the powerful chemistry and energy of plants. All of these paths are a valid approach to the Certification Course in Vibrational Aromatherapy.

In short, this class is for you. We know you’ll grow. And we can’t wait to see it happen.

Why study with Cynthia and Joy?

Cynthia and Joy have been teaching together for over 30 years, and bring their combined knowledge of education, energetics and essential oils to every class they teach. Being raised by physicians, they grew up with a deep and early understanding of the physical body and healing.

Their 25 years of experience with essential oils and experience teaching a consistently sold-out Mystery School give them the unique ability to approach Aromatherapy from both a chemical and energetic perspective, tying together the mind and body for a revolutionary approach to this powerful healing modality.

Topics of Study

  • Study the Subtle Energetics of Essential Oils
  • Harvest and Distillation in the Wilderness of Sedona
  • Safety and Contraindications
  • Consultation Skills
  • Blending and Formulating on the Energetic Level for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies
  • Methods of Absorption
  • Energetic Uses of Carrier Oils
  • Ethics
  • Using Flower Essences and Hydrosols to Stabilize the Energetics of the Body Systems
  • Reaching back into ancient times and usage of plant and trees and bringing them into the modern world
  • Applying Ancient Methods of Plants and Tree Usage to the Modern World
  • Working with the Doctrine of Signatures
  • Folklore and Connection to the Energy of Plants and Trees
  • Methods to Infuse your Oils and Blends with Energy
  • Application of Essential Oils to the Chakra and Auric Fields
  • Connection Between Diseases and the Imbalance of the Chakras
  • Applications of Essential Oils
  • Differences Between the Energy of Types of Aromatic Extractions
  • Detecting Vibrationary Imbalances in the Body Systems and Organs
  • Using Applied Kinesiology to Balance the Body
  • Detecting the Energy of an Oil by The Aroma
  • Learn “Homeopathic Aromatherapy”


Cynthia Brownley MS, LMT, CCA
Joy Musacchio MA, LMT, CCA


Stillpoint Studies
70 Dry Creek Road
Sedona, AZ 86336


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Cancellation Policy

Your deposit will be refunded or can be transferred to a future date if we cancel the Aromatherapy class. Your deposit can be transferred to future date if you cancel up to 10 days BEFORE the Aromatherapy course. Within 10 days of the course start date, deposits cannot be transferred or refunded.

Course Dates

2018 Schedule: September 10th – September 16th

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Sunday

2019 Schedule: September 9th – September 15th

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Sunday