The Energetics and Folklore of Essential Oils


This is a challenging and fun weekend workshop. No previous Aromatherapy training is required.

What is The Energetics and Folklore of Essential Oils Weekend Workshop?

Discover a new way to interact with essential oils.

Every plant has a story to tell, if you know how to listen. In The Energetics and Folklore of Essential Oils, we approach Aromatherapy through a fresh lens, by applying the Doctrine of Signatures and exploring the energetics of plants. Discover a new perspective that will deepen your relationship with plants and trees.

The mere chemical analysis of medically active ingredients fails to explain the effect the herb unfolds in the body, and fails to predict which organ it will chiefly act on. Before chemistry, folklorists understood the principals of plant healing. We’ll tap into the energy and stories around plants and healing.

Dive into the fascinating practice of reading colors and shapes of plants to understand what plants will heal. Embrace the natural energetics of plants, and how these energies influence their therapeutic properties. This is the amazing art of decoding the secrets of nature itself.

Topics of Study

  • The correlations between certain essential oils and plant parts
  • The energetics and applications of various plant parts
  • Therapeutic blending based on the Doctrine of Signatures
  • Symbolism and Signature
  • How to determine a specific signature and correlate it to Essential Oils

Course Materials Included With Tuition

  • A custom manual
  • Discounts at Stillpoint Aromatics
  • A comprehensive resource Aromatherapy database
  • Directory of journals and connection in the world of aromatherapy

Deeper Understanding of Plants

The Doctrine of Signature is the practical application of the Doctrine of Correspondence. According to Matthew Wood, “The idea is that the shape, color, appearance, environmental niche, taste, smell, etc., of a plant or medicinal agent will display the tell-tale signs, marks, or configurations indicating how that agent may be used in medicine. This is called signatum, or signature.”




$100 (non-refundable, applied toward tuition)


19 credits


Cynthia Brownley MS, LMT, CCA
Joy Musacchio MA, LMT, CCA


Stillpoint Studies
415 Juniper Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336

Classroom Hours

Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm